Starting a fitness New Year’s Resolution? We’ve got you.

Psychologist Emma Kenny shares six key insights for starting a fitness New Year’s Resolution.

  1. Bad days happen! If you mess up and find yourself half way through the week breaking your resolutions, see it as a minor setback and not a reason to quit. It’s okay to take a break and for life to get in the way sometimes, as long as you pick it back up again, you’re making positive progress!
  2. Prioritise one thing that you want to change. It has been proven that overwhelming yourself with lots of desired changes simply leads to failure. Instead focus fully on one goal where you want to succeed.
  3. Setting realistic goals and breaking them into weekly milestones allows you to constantly remind yourself that you are trying hard and reflect on your positive progress.
  4. Reward yourself! Decide on an ultimate reward that you intend to give yourself for sticking to your resolutions, but also give yourself a weekly small reward to help keep yourself on track.
  5. Think positive! It is clinically proven that positive thinking literally reprograms the brain. You have to create new neural pathways in your brain to change habits and stick to them.
  6. Accountability counts! Ask someone in your life to remind you to stay on track. Whether it is a partner, a parent or a good friend, make sure you let them know your aims and ask them to gently nudge you should you begin to let things slide, as well as congratulate you when you are succeed!
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