This Girl Can: Alanis and Weight Training

Up until just recently, doing any sort of exercise would scare me. I was worried of any flashbacks I might get from previous PE lessons at school. People were never nice and always had something horrid to say. PE was the worst lesson for this and I hated every minute. Since then I have found it a constant struggle to be confident in myself, I was scared of what people might say or think. Whilst I was at college I tried running, but I found this uncomfortable with seeing others driving or walking past. I didn’t want to be seen; I had no confidence in myself whatsoever.

I hated how I associated any type of sporting activity with school, and in the back of my head I kept telling myself this needs to change. I didn’t want to live with this fear. I wanted to be a healthy, confident 20 year-old. Something inside of me decided it was time to put this behind me, to try and forget about what other people might think, and to try something new. I decided to try weight training.

This year has already been a year of big changes, and I have pushed myself like I never thought I could, so I knew I had it in me to push myself into trying a new sport. On social media I was constantly seeing body and mind positive posts and images, and getting really inspired by what other people were doing, and achieving in the fitness world. Seeing other strong, beautiful women winning at life and having fun in their sport is what helped me get into weight training in the first place.

I started doing a little bit of research online to look at gyms that were nearby, and settled on one just a short walk down the road - that way I had no excuse not to go. I have to say, it took me a week or two to pluck up the courage to purchase a day pass, and even then I didn’t end up going to the first session alone. My boyfriend came along for support, and we learnt how to use the gym equipment together. I was too nervous to go on my own, I basically had to dare myself to go. I didn’t see this as a setback, though. I knew that if there was a next time, I could do this on my own. I ended up enjoying the first session even more than I thought, and came out a little more confident in myself, knowing that I could do this. Later that evening when I got home, I signed up for a monthly pass and haven’t looked back since.

I feel so much healthier and honestly so happy and content with myself. I love that I can now associate keeping fit and exercising with happier thoughts and memories. I don’t even need to think of what it used to be like for me, that doesn’t matter. It’s surprising what I bit of exercise everyday can do for your mind and soul. Starting weight training has been the best thing for me, my body is so thankful and I can feel myself getting stronger. It’s crazy how much more confident I am in myself. Not only have I noticed, but others have noticed it too. I’m proud of myself, something I would have never been able to admit previously.

I do believe that there’s a sport out there for everyone, you’ve just got to dare yourself into finding out what yours is.
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