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The Cofounders and Brothers that are Transforming Clinical Trials

Santosh (left) and Michael (CTO) engineering the heck out of some podcast probs.

Had a great time recording this episode with Rust Felix, CEO, and Michael Felix, CTO of Slope.io.

The recording session started off with our podcast equipment being janky, which allowed Micheal to show off his engineering skills. He created a counter-weight with a bike helmet and some putty someone left lying around. Nice!

Once we finally began recording, we got to see the dynamics of these cofounders in action as they discussed how and why they started Slope.io.

These two could not be more opposite in their skill sets and personalities, and that is a big part of what makes them great cofounders. Their complete trust in one another as brothers also doesn’t hurt.

They discuss how Slope.io is making the convoluted process of running clinical trials run seamlessly. They also explain their design-first approach to logistics and the value in being vertically integrated. Plenty of insights. Lots of humor in this episode, as well. We hope you enjoy!

Rust Felix (left) and Michael Felix (right) whiteboarding their way through an idea.
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