360 video / Virtual Reality commercials are coming. (it’s weird they aren’t here already)

By now you’ve seen a #360video on a content platform. YouTube Facebook Veer Littlestar Vimeo……..

Also by now you probably know that content works in #VirtualReality headsets.

aka VR videos. (is 360video VR?) (what does this revolution mean?)

What you should expect to see soon, (it’s weird that they aren’t here already) is #360video commercial ads before, or during (sic), your #VR video experiences.

For example. take a look at this Mountain Dew commercial.

Currently I have a long list of 360VR Videos on those platforms. search for ThisIsMeInVR. Unfortunately, monetizing those videos is counterproductive. Regular Square ads, just don’t work. They would get warped and distorted and obscure the content while breaking the immersiveness of the VR experience.

So inevitably, what is about to happen is the integration of 360 commercials into 360 videos. So I’m testing things out. For example.

I like a product by NTON POWER, its a powerstrip that has built-in usb ports. I find it usefull as a space saver for charging all of my VR devices. So I tested out making a short VR video commercial for the product. ( I even tested out adding information tags into the video.

Product details can be found here at NtonPowers product website

Now that commercial can be placed before any of my 360videos and maintain the immersion from within VR while promoting a brand or product. Staying within VR is key, not having to remove the headset to teleport from content to content.Within a few years you may find yourself hopping from one video experience to another, unsure of whether you are in vr website, video experience or commercial.

It’s the future for all of these devices. Get ready for Brand marketers to use 360 video for highly immersive VR influence

Still though, all I can hope for, is that marketers, when making content, use caution. Create responsibly. VR has risks, people can get hurt. In some cases VR can make people very sick. see how to prevent Nausea in VR. and stay tuned for more VR experimentation and innovation by ThisIsMeInVR (try my website beta links)