Artists Versus Piracy, the arms race is heating up with 360 video and Virtual Reality devices

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Artists and musicians have been fighting an arms race against theft and piracy, since the dawn of technology. Copying and sharing have developed at each new Medium iteration causing loss of income, hurting both the performers and the support staff.

Why steal music? Savings.

A little ingenuity could save a consumer quite a bit of money. Rather than buying music from the store they could just get a copy of it. People knew it wasn’t right, but when faced with the opportunity to save a few dollars was there, they took it. For Radio, there was the ghetto blaster with the red record button allowing easy copying, Compact Discs could be burned, digital MP3’s could be shared online. The age of free music flourished and artists saw their income shrink.

How did they adapt? Every way they could.

Preventing theft, has been a long time struggle, attempting to enforce laws by catching shutting down bootleggers or creating software to prevent duplication. With every new security measure created, the people found ways around it.

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New methods to monetize talent arose, larger venues for more income from live performances but that wasn’t enough. Artists started using their brand to expand into marketing and sales, everything from clothing and perfume lines, to gadgets and jewelry.

Technology has added new weapons to this war. #360video cameras and #VR headsets.

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The next new Medium has arrived. 360VR, and with it, the ability to capture and share a Live performance of any type.

(learn about it here)

If you watch the following video in a VR headset you will be attend the concert in ‘telepresence’, no ticket required. It was captured in 360 degrees in 4k (set resolution to highest for optimal enjoyment) and contains some augmented animations (green screen effects)

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The stage and sound industry is faced with another challenge. Embrace and manage the development of this technology to regain control over sales. or “wait and watch” and lose control once again on monetization of the concert experience.

You see, anyone can record any event, or concert and share it with the world.

Venues should consider banning all 360 video equipment with the exception of their own. (while they still have the chance)

At this time, the most common use by artists using 360vr technology is making music videos.

And though they offer a fantastic use of the Medium, and ways to display amazing content.

Others use 360vr technology to bring their fans into an experience with the artists.

Will the music industry embrace VR? Or will they lose control of their Live performance revenue stream.

If any artists/ or labels are interested in learning how they could use 360VR video technology to their benefit, for both protection and monetization, feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help.

I also currently have a platform in development that you might be interested in.

PlayStation will soon be getting into the space as well.

Live sports are also facing the same challenges…….

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