Can/Will Palmer Luckey save AltSpaceVR?

In case you haven’t heard AltSpaceVR is closing it’s doors.

It was an amazing, and early, Virtual Reality “metaverse” were users could meet up and talk, share ideas, watch videos together and even play games.

Unfortunately low VR user base and lack of monetization led to its downfall.

It’s everywhere in the tech news media, you can’t help but come across articles about it.

It’’s a really sad day, it was a great VR platform. I remember being there at the beginning.

In fact when it first came out for GearVR (and allowed multi user access to a communal TV), I used it to welcome new users and give virtual tours of VR technology innovations

It was exciting and filled with so much potential, I couldn’t help but show and tell everyone. Here’s a link of using AltSpaceVR to demo a new music videos to a friend in VR.

I was always surprised that Facebook didnt step in and buy them out. Their user base could’ve swarmed onto this platform through Oculus Gear VR.

Sadly they didn’t. The ride is over and Altspace decided to tell the world they ran out of money and are closing their doors.

It’s a “Lucky” break then, that some people have offered to step up and try to save AltSpaceVR. So far the leading contender in that race, to be the good samaritan, might just be the guy most known for kickstarting consumer interest in VR.

Palmer Luckey

He’s posted something on his twitter feed recently you may want to Vote on….

I’m not sure he Can save AltSpace, or even if he will. For now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Did you vote?