C’mon YouTube add a 360video VR theater option to regular videos already!

I love 360 videos. I love watching them in Virtual Reality. I even think it’s great to watch films in VR on a giant screen. (like Netflix, Oculus Video or phonecast)

It’s the future. Google/YouTube pioneered the technology, but they are slow to use it to its’ full potential. Where are the 360 commercials? Where are the virtual theaters?

YouTube VR is the killer app for PSVR already. So… how come its been almost 3 years and YouTube has yet to release a theater option for watching regular videos in a VR format on their Google CardboardVR headsets.

Google is advancing way more slowly than I would expect from a multi billion dollar company with thousands of ‘genius’ employees.

I mean, c’mon, it wouldn’t be that hard to add the feature.

See? Take a look.

I made some quick samples using Rick and Morty videos as proof of concept.

It’s a great way to make immersive ads ,

check out this READY PLAYER ONE Trailer experiment.

Did you notice who was in the seat beside you?

Rick and Morty ….

They could even create a variety of Theater options to select from.

Or add whomever you would like into the seats beside you.

#AugmentedVR Here’s a higher resolution version on VEER.

( I love the idea of animation in VR)

But It seems like both Video companies and AR companies still don’t get the implications of the awesomeness of Split-Screen landscape mode. (VR mode)

If they did, when I open a video on YouTube, there would be an option to load it up into a 360 video theater of my choice.

How about a drive in theater on the moon (like oculus video)

or an underwater theater!

How cool is that!

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before they add this cool feature.

If you have a contact at Google or YouTube’s R&D department.

Send them my way, I’ve got a ton of innovations for them.

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