I’m afraid of both Nausea and Wearing glasses! Can VR help me with MY phobias ?!?

No. You’re screwed. Your issues are the “ONE THING” that VR cannot do

(for now)

In 5 years time we may have contact lens AR/VR devices. Yup, they are in development. Devices keep shrinking and we are getting closer every day take a look at this.

Nausea is a bigger issue. VR content developers/creators may soon start to employ VRy common sense. Making horizons stable, movement smooth (not jarring), and your sensory systems more efficiently fooled/hijacked (balance is a tricky challenge because it involves inner ear liquids) but until then movement in VR may lead to …….

Wearing glasses and having nauseating experiences is probably in your VRy near future thanks in part to 360 video. They are awesome, but almost too easy to make, which means everybody with a “gadget” is making 360VR videos without a firm understanding of how sensory systems work. The result of which is…. well a quickly growing collection of unpleasant experiences. You’ll see.

As for every other Fear or Phobia that you could possibly name (or think of)…….

To answer my most commonly asked questions.

- Can VR help me with my FEARS?

- Are there any VR Phobia treatment apps/videos out there?

Yes. a firm resounding YES. VR can probably help you deal with your PHOBIA, FEAR ADDICTION, DEPRESSION, LONELINESS, ISOLATION, INTROVERSION and so on and so forth….. and YES currently there are already thousands of startups around the world creating treatment videos and apps for every conceivable issue you may have. How do they work? They provide assisted gradual desensitization, with guided positive feedback. They are slowly being released on all Video and VR app platforms. You can find some links here on Facebook, at my VR portal ThisIsMeInVR or simply do a Google search

If you can’t find your treatment content yet, give it a few weeks. Things are moving rapidly, you should expect to see hundreds, if not thousands, of articles this year about the BIG Breaking News : “ VR CAN HELP TREAT X !!! “

Zen @ ThisIsMeInVR.com

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ThisIsMeInVR is a Canadian innovation company specializing in AR/VR/360video technology R&D, review and commercial capture/consulting services for clients.

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