Virtual reality devices may be used to measure and modify Gene Expression!

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We here in Victoria BC Canada at ThisIsMeInVR, specialize in finding innovative new uses for the latest and upcoming technologies. We’ve been combining Virtual Reality viewers with 360 video (+Live streams) for over a year to run experiments thought up during a 5 YR immersion research project. Our most important realization is for the field of Genetics. BioSynth

During the research process, we figured out how use 360VR technology as a tool to measure and perhaps even modify gene expression.!

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Who are we? We’ve done some remarkable things in 2016, such as turning a webpage into a virtual world (that you can Teleport around in),we’ve created some unique 360 VR experiences such as being In front of yourself Live in 360VR, getting licked by a 60ft tall (real) puppy, being shrunken down to the size of a miniature and even cognitive experiments.

These experiences that can be found on our web Portal or YouTube Channel were you can find over 250 videos filmed in 360 format for viewing in VR devices. To try them yourself. (click here first if 360VR is new to you)

Frankly, the best is yet to come.


Through a collaborative 5 year research project, on Environmental Immersion, a book has been completed and a pilot was made for avirtual reality tv series to be filmed in (360vr) For VR education on Immersive effects and influence. (Pilot videos: Spheres of Influence.) During the research process, we figured out how use 360VR technology as a tool to measure and perhaps even modify gene expression.! (this effect is “epigenetic modification”, and now combined with vr may evolve into yet another field : Percepigenetics or or SynthBioTech )

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We continue to seek funding for more research in this area. As it offers our species, a chance to take the next step in human evolution. It could potentially give humanity yet another tool to modify our own adaptation to this rapidly changing world.

ThisIsMeInVR will use rapid genetic testing and rapid 360VR creation technology to map the DNA methylation process by which methyl groups are added to DNA (by perceived environmental triggers). This is similar to the mapping of the human genome, but instead we are mapping the epigenetic effects of environmental influence including “Virtual” ones.

“Knowing various methods how or why genes are turned on and off during development, as well as understanding how they respond to environmental changes, will prove to be useful in our quest to find ways to prevent diseases.” June Javelosa January 26, 2017

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Another benefit of this project is that it would also help to develop an understanding of the unintended consequences of Virtual reality immersion on the human body. Psychological and physiological preventative measures can start to be developed to minimize risks.

This Is Me In VR is working on sharing and developing our framework for measuring these effects and making that database available to biologists and developers to enable the modification of genetic expression by choice, instead of by accident and to provide safe, low risk Virtual Reality experiences.

for more info on epigenetic influences please read

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If you are interested in how other technologies can enhance this research imagine combining…


Or micro-biome mapping

or check it this

Epigenetics in the news:

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