VR/AR evolutionary adaptations

by Zen— www.ThisIsMeInVR.com

We’ve evolved in an extraordinary way. When faced with challenges we’ve learned to share knowledge and experience to overcome them collectively.

Instead of longer fangs and claws we used clubs and bows. An innovator spreads his ideas, and soon the human race world moves up the food chain.

An innovator developed flight and now we all soar in the sky like birds. Changes so absolutely profound to our way of life are occurring right now. Augmented reality can give you the sight of a butterfly or a snake.

The Internet can now connect us to Live or captured life experiences of others. The mixing of the two may create a ghost-like (semi-transparent) AR interface with which we can use when faced with a new problem,e.g. fixing a flat tire or dealing with a plumbing leak.

The devices with which we will suddenly have an evolutionary explosion in information and experience access is already here!

So now that Augmented reality is here and becoming more and more familiar, you should expect more apps and games utilizing GLSM and WEBVR capabilities, as well. Look at these.

Zen @ ThisIsMeInVR.com

Written by

ThisIsMeInVR is a Canadian innovation company specializing in AR/VR/360video technology R&D, review and commercial capture/consulting services for clients.

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