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This article was written by Uncharted CEO Banks Benitez.

Two weeks ago, we announced that we’re moving to a 4-day workweek as an Uncharted company policy. Today, we’re sharing how we designed, prepared, and continuously optimized to make this work. We’ll also share mistakes and recommendations for others who might be considering alternatives to traditional workweeks.


We had read about the merits of a 4-day workweek (see the assembled resources and articles in this document), but we didn’t want to adopt the 4-day workweek as immediate company policy. …

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This article was co-authored by Uncharted CEO Banks Benitez and Coeffect Principal Consultant Paul Collier.

At the beginning of the summer, we launched an experiment to try out a 4-day workweek. Everyone’s salary stayed the same, but our team worked 32 hours every week between June 1st and August 28th, taking every Friday off (This was not four 10-hour days. This was four eight-hour days.).

The experiment tested the hypothesis that we can deliver 100% of the work at 80% of the time, while increasing team mental health, reducing team stress, and maintaining team culture and cohesion.

Based on the quantitative and qualitative results from our third-party evaluator and extensive conversations with our team and partners, we are making the 4-day workweek Uncharted company policy. …

How to talk about our third annual accelerator program for nonprofits using mobile tech to serve their communities

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Today, more than ever, nonprofit startups are finding creative new ways to create impact remotely. Many forward-thinking organizations are turning to mobile technology to disseminate information, resources, and opportunities to their beneficiaries, but bringing their operations online requires complex technical knowledge and guidance. Enter Visible Connect, a virtual accelerator program in a renewed partnership with Visible, a digital phone service. Over the course of 9-months, we’ll provide a cohort of six nonprofits with philanthropic capital, technical support, ongoing mentorship, funder introductions, and other support to help them scale.

Why mobile tech?

Our phones are at the heart of what we do, connecting us with people, information, and opportunity. …

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Written by Banks Benitez, CEO of Uncharted

Uncharted is two months into its 4-day workweek experiment over the summer. In collaboration with Coeffect, the purpose of the experiment is to learn whether fewer hours in the office improve employee happiness and productivity. If you’re starting to follow along, be sure to read about this experiment’s origin, our update from last month, and the article Fast Company wrote about us.

We have one month to go before deciding whether or not the data tells us to implement 32-hour workweeks going forward. …

An open notebook and laptop computer on a desk.
An open notebook and laptop computer on a desk.

Uncharted is one month into our 4-day workweek experiment, which you can learn more about in this Medium post and Fast Company article.

The purpose of this post is to provide an update on our progress. To help us evaluate the 4-day workweek experiment, we’ve hired Coeffect, a third-party evaluator. Some of the data and insights below come from them, and the rest is from internal conversations with the team.

What we’ve done since June 1st

  • Rescheduled our Friday commitments.
  • Implemented 4 hours of meeting-free “deep work” time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to focus on completing weekly goals.
  • Communicated proactively with our partners and external stakeholders about the change. …

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The recent murders of Black Americans are devastating and enraging. They are the latest examples of a rigged system that is racist and inequitable.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and everyone fighting systemic racism.

To the many generations of Black activists and allies who have come before and put their lives on the line to stand for justice, we salute you.

To the many who are dedicating their lives to this fight today, we see you, we follow you, and we amplify your message.

To those who are newer to this fight, we see you and are you. …

A minimalist desk.
A minimalist desk.

This summer, we’re launching an experiment to try out a 4-day workweek. Everyone’s salary is staying the same, but our team will work 32 hours every week between June 1st and August 28th (This is not four 10-hour days. This is four eight-hour days.).

As an organization, the quality and quantity of our work will remain the same, but every person will get every Friday off.

100% pay and benefits, 80% hours, 100% contribution.

If this summer experiment works, we’ll make it a permanent company policy. If it doesn’t work, we’ll return to 40-hour five-day workweeks. …


Aunt Bertha ➜
Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

Kinedu ➜
Kinedu is offering free access to all of its 1,800+ science-based activities for kids 0–4 until April 15. Any family, in any setting, will get the full Kinedu experience to continue supporting their child’s development from home.

Empower Work ➜
Stressed, uncertain, worried about work right now? You’re not alone. Empower Work provides confidential, immediate, and free support. Trained peer counselors are a text away: 510–674–1414 or start a web chat at

UPchieve ➜
UPchieve is a nonprofit that provides free, online math tutoring to low-income high school students. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UPchieve is working around the clock to make sure eligible schools can give their students access to UPchieve for free in as little as 24 hours. …

As the past few weeks have reminded us, we’re truly better together. To that end, we’ve put together this short survey to crowdsource information from all of you about volunteer opportunities, resources, tools, and tips to support each other. We’ll share your answers publicly on this Medium post throughout the week.

(Note: This article was last updated on March 19th, 2020 at 10:14 AM.)

Do you know of volunteer opportunities that anyone based in the United States can participate in remotely?



My company is trying to do a few things! Such as writing letters to isolated seniors in Senior Living homes. — Dani

RPCV support groups online.—Stephanie


How are you building community remotely (whether professionally or personally)?

Providing online Farmstand fresh local food ordering and delivery system, providing online education.

A few people from my company and myself put together things for employees to participate in, including: Book clubs, weekly workouts, Blog posting, and PenPals with Seniors. We also do AllCo virtual happy hours. My girlfriends and I also had a virtual happy hour to catch up last night.— …

Together, we can empower the next generation of farmers

Rolling hills with newly planted crops
Rolling hills with newly planted crops
Aluminaries 2.0 are ventures that support young farmers by increasing access to land, finance, labor, and wellness resources.

What is the Chipotle Aluminaries Project?

The Chipotle Aluminaries Project is an accelerator program that supports ventures from across the country that are advancing innovative solutions that empower the next generation of farmers. The program will connect ventures to the people and organizations they need to scale their solutions, including mentors, funders, and partners. Together, we will work tirelessly to break down the barriers that stand in the way of young farmers’ success.

I know someone working on this problem! How can I spread the word?

1. Copy your favorite piece of content

Holy guacamole — applications for the 2020 #ChipotleAluminaries project are live! Ventures empowering the next generation of farmers, apply by March 11th for customized support and introductions to funders:

Social entrepreneurs — check out the #ChipotleAluminaries Project! You don’t want to miss this opportunity for curated mentorship, introductions to funders, and access to an in-person bootcamp all wrapped into one little impact burrito 🌯 Apply now:



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