“KUSS” and Go! — Top Takeaway from the Pitch Circuit.

Our April 2017 Pitch Circuit Night, held at Launch Academy, was a thriving affair where entrepreneurial wisdom was generously shared. Industry experts, entrepreneurs, and members of startups in Vancouver gathered to encourage excited pitchers to practice their 90-second elevator pitches.

We saw some new faces, as well as familiar ones who implemented feedback from previous Pitch Circuit Nights. It was heartwarming to see individuals return with improved pitches that put to work the high quality expertise of industry panelists.

One particular area of feedback that surfaced multiple times throughout the night, and that we believed to be of utmost importance for pitch preparation, was: “When you get up there, take a second to centre yourself. Let the audience settle in. Let the timekeeper reset their clock. Take a deep breath. And ‘KUSS’ quietly if you have to.”

I used to sell vacuums door to door with my uncle. Sometimes before knocking on a door, my uncle would give me a boost of confidence by telling me that as long as you “Know Your S— Solid” (KUSS), they will give you their time and attention.”

That was my biggest takeaway and now I am giving it to you.

So when you’re facing an audience, be it a few friends, a roomful of strangers, a group of investors — take a deep breath and remind yourself: “I know my s — solid”, and go!


Paul Brassard, Managing Partner — Volition

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