The Only Entrepreneurship Lesson You Need (with Do/Don’t Reading List)
Tucker Max

I felt like I wrote this post xD.. I went through the exact same ordeal.. I literally put in 12–14h days studying..

I think guys like us are on the opposite side of the spectrum. You have people who just open up a small business.. say a restaurant where you can basically copy an existing business model and don’t have to do anything new.

Or you can create a start up and go for a monopoly (like Thiel’s thesis)..

The problem here is that if you’re extremely ambitious about starting one.. you tend to overcomplicate it. All the ‘easy’ ideas are filtered out in the ‘small business’ bucket.. and the better ideas still don’t seem big enough.

The big big ideas that are left aren’t actionable and end up being vague platitudes with no solution..

But here’s the issue.. if you’re a little less academically/intellectually inclined.. you see a problem you have and just jump in.. if it turns out to be something.. good.. if not you iterate or choose something else.. PG talked about this.. think he called it still life effect or something, and he referred to the jumping as plunging into something.

Anyhow.. if you look at all the greatest startups.. you couldn’t have predicted that they would be so huge.. and if you’re looking for those extremely big ideas, ironically, you filter them out to the point where your conscious mind won’t even let you ‘hear’ ideas anymore.. which leads to one studying even more.

I dealt with this by eventually just saying fuck.. accepting that you’re not smart enough to know what the market wants (Andrew Mason) and just solving your own problems and trying to create something users love.. keep doing that and you’re bound to stumble on to something.

Apologies for this long post.. wrote this for someone who’s currently where I was.

TLDR: if you’re stuck, studying hours and hours but not actually getting started. Stop procrastinating and start creating. Solve a problem you have (small problem is fine), MVP/validate it and get some momentum. Momentum on a bad idea is better than spending 6 more months ‘studying’ , cuz that bad idea (the point / building a website for roommates) can morph/inspire into a good idea (groupon / Airbnb).