Profit the king of all?

MBA’s have mental code that goes something along the lines of: profit is priority #1. If there’s no profit there’s no business.

This attitude has caused so much problems ranging from exploiting labor, advertising to children, ignoring safety concerns, causing death and illness, covering up, misleading or straight up lying. (Just Google unethical business practices.)

I strongly believe that priority #1 should be: How can we drastically improve our users’ life? Even to the point of disrupting yourself. If you have to choose between profits and users. Users MUST go first.

But then we’ll go under, you protest. If you can’t make the unit economics of your business work without being unethical, your business should NOT exist.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No starts out planning to be bad. It’s an escalating process, which is why you should never compromise on your corporate values/culture, not even once. You start to vilify the other side while justifying your actions.

“It is always a false image that is imposed or projected on the opponent.” And philosopher Hannah Arendt said, “The most horrifying things about the Nazis was not that they were so deviant but that they were terrifyingly normal.” — Roy Baumeister