Thinking Logically

Reasoning from the ground up. Just as you would in mathematics. You don’t start w something you wish were true but rather you start w something that either is actually true (or that you have agreed to is true*) or that you hypothesize is true and see if you get a contradiction.

In entrepreneurship one of the mistakes we make is not going off the truth or say market reality but instead going off on what we wish to be true. “If only people behaved in X way” reasoning.

I think that’s a mistake.

Don’t fight market realities, use them. You want to get the world off unsustainable energy sources.. so you’re screaming stop using internal combustion engines and no one is listening.. the answer in that case is to say, okay.. how can I work w the market in order to achieve my goal NOT screaming louder and being upset that the market is the market.

So you develop a form of energy creation or energy consumption that is not only sustainable but which the user prefers to unsustainable sources.

For example maybe because it’s cheaper..

Point is.. accept the market and work from there. It’s extremely hard to change user behavior at scale. Much easier to do it indirectly.

*Note: In math there are things we have agreed are true because of the impracticality of proving them. For example if you have two sets A and B. If every element in set A is present in set B and if every element in set B is present in set A, we say that set A is equal to set B. This is an axiom in set theory.