I miss my family.

How can you imagine that your family is gone for ever ? Is it a lie ? , Illusion ? or maybe a joke ?

THE TRUTH is it , the hard one ever. When you wake up in the morning and you just keep silent because there is no body to greet or even to look at. It’s just you and your sorrow living in the same place. the place that makes you remember the best of moments of your life with your family. At that moment you just keep staring and trying to find an excuse not to cry like a woman, but you realize that a man can cry too , he is a human being, then you start crying punishing your feelings and hear. You have the same routine all the days, overthinking , less eating , and suffring, because you know the tree you came from is dead , it’s no longer there. Hence , you’re about to go on alone struggling and fighting for happiness even thought you have lost the hope. Sometimes you say it’s okay , life goes on , but most of the time you just spending hours thinking and ,why not regreting why I didn’t know that your family is going to vanish , and tobe something from the past , but how could you know that ? isn’t the will of GOD? , isn’t that the fate ? You realize it’s out of your control , evatually. If your family is gone , be the family yourself , because it’s fact of life.