If I didn't "bandwagon" there's too much I'd neglect to learn. I've known nothing about Soundgarden.

I take it very personally that a person who takes (and shares) such joy in her/his art. I can be so easily moved upon the simple observation. It’s a gift of the most generous kind, we as recipients have no right to squander.

I can't imagine a lot. I've never been "famous." What does it mean to the psyche to at any point have this gift accepted at some level by so many? It's got to be... confounding, overwhelming, intimidating, humbling, terrible. Awesome.

How then could anyone who has not been famous condemn, or claim to understand the reason Chris had? It’s important to celebrate the gift, and the great risk(s) of Chris Cornell, ad infinitum. For the gift makes us better humans.

This is such a good song, and two legacies...