Mayonnaise et Gravel

Call for submissions!!!

I’m very excited to announce my brand new blag!!! It’s called:
"Mayonnaise et Gravel"
For those of you that don’t speak Française, the translation into English would be:
Mayonnaise and Gravel.

The blag will be an ongoing online international exhibition of cute still and motion photographs of mayonnaise and gravel both together and seperate. (’Though everyone knows there is nothing cuter than when they’re together!!!) As well as conversations of the dynamic political, social, and creative life of mayonnaise and gravel.

I am in talks now for “Esimene iga-aastane rahvusvaheline festival majonees ja kruusa" (for those of you that don’t speak Eesti, it’s “La première édition du Festival international de mayonnaise et de gravier") projected for 2034!!!

Above, I have published my premiere blag entry.