On this day, in particular. This is a thought:
The rights of one human being in any way restricted is a violation of human rights.

"Racism" "sexism" are terms.
These two terms serve two masters.
The activist who sees a specific race related injustice can use the term racism. This will aid the activism by way of focus.

The other than activist who wishes to be separate from the responsibility may use the same term to prove that s/he has no interest. The term racism gives the racist agenda the justification to assert distance
"This 'racism' is about race. It has nothing to do with me."

A human rights violation, is a harder thing to divorce oneself from. Two values in the use of the term HUMAN RIGHTS:
It involves each individual. 
It also includes each nation.

What person wouldn't be shamed via an inability to disprove her, or his own humanity?

Would we not gain a great deal by using the umbrella term "human rights violation" more often than we do, now? In the cases of sexism, and racism perhaps the threat of injury to patriotism would also affect change. Change in essence to humanism.