Young and angry? Do something!

If there’s an issue you’re worried about then join a campaign group.

If there’s a party you support then become a member! It’s looking like both Conservatives, Greens and Labour will have leadership elections of some description in the next year — prime time to join and help shape the future message of the parties.

If you’re at Uni there are so many societies and groups that are active and will give you the chance to have a tangible impact on campaigns and causes you care about. They’re great fun and a great way to meet new people too.

I love a good petition and a good facebook rant as much as the next guy — but it doesn’t win elections. It rarely changes anything. It needs to come with actual campaigns and taking your message out there.
I’ve spoken to a lot of young people who are angry because of the result — many who have never done much to do with politics.

To re-use the old phrase : Don’t mourn, organise!

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