On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

I see wines as defining a consistent and wonderful landscape of flavors, tastes and feelings. A large fraction of wine lowers are snob. But people who know wine have explored a significant fraction of this landscape (and may also, to some extent, be able to analyze how it came to existence). There may be stunning viewpoints that everybody appreciates. But there are also so many unusual locations most people ignore. You may like a wine… or not. But even if it’s not your favorite one, if it’s peculiar, surprising, different, you’ll be satisfied to know it exists and you will be happy to come back to revisit it and see how it feels, again. One of the most precious quality of the wine landscape is diversity. Trying to optimally seduce the “standard” customer is a major threat to wine diversity and ultimately, a major short-sighted marketing mistake.

(I’m French, please pardon possible akwardness in the writing :-).

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