I believe that the way our monetary system is designed is the major driver behind the destructive…
Stef Kuypers

It’s not obvious to see how “money” could be improved in itself. My feeling is that the system managing money (bank, central banks, taxes..) has to be improved. Not money itself.

For example, local money has been proposed as an alternative to money, but they are just a peculiar from of protectionism which is used for example between some Swiss industries to favor exchanges between them and specifically escape taxes.

I would rather have bank pay the “commons” for their incredible power to create money out of thin air (this was a standard in the past, when bankers where under royal control — not the reverse) and taxes to cancel the unjustified exponential growth of big capitals.

Transparency would also be highly beneficial.

All this would not bring us to communism, but just a better capitalism, where differences in capital and revenues exist, but in a reasonable ratio.

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