Is Neoliberal Capitalism God’s Gift to Humanity?
Joe Brewer

Probably, the “Capital” book by Thomas Picketty is an excellent argument showing the intrinsic limitation of current neo-liberal capitalism. Under the existing laws of capital revenue, richer people are getting exponentially richer and richer (and the exponential rate increases with the wealth, as observed on the data provided by American universities: Stanford gets a 10% return on its investments, but smaller and “poorer” universities gets 3% only).

Under this rule, there will ultimately be a single capital owner and billions of very poor people. So, even if no better society had existed before, we do need to find something better than neo-liberalism, just because it cannot bring progress and happiness on the long term, only in the beginning.

It’s a pity that we all so easy generalize: if it work now, it will work forever. But all systems work under some assumptions and completely fail under other. Some system slowly create the very conditions that make them inefficient. Then, they need to be changed.

This is what neo-liberalism is. It’s starting to show its limitations.

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