Think like a Trump supporter

The very same schema reproduces in all Europe (beyond UK and Brexit). There is an increasing fraction of the population in France that, also, cannot accept the current system and the inequalities it generates. People absolutely cannot bear it. They will do anything to have it changed. Even vote for right wing extremes (or act with extreme violence).

One cannot reasonably hope that wealthy traders, extremely wealthy CEOs or ultra rich people will try to fight against inequality. They are too much focused on earning more. Even if they cared, the accumulation of wealth self-expands naturally as exemplified by Thomas Picketty in his ‘Capital in the XXth century book’.

This is the job of politicians: to control the system so that it does not go havoc.

But they just seem incapable of understanding that extreme inequalities are extremely painful and lead to extreme behaviors.

Our human brain inherits this intolerance directly from our ancestors (see this famous monkey experiment). We have to accept this fundamental fact, change the system to make it tolerable, while preserving its efficiency. Actually this may even improve it.