Writing every day(英訳:毎日書くこと)

Not only writing novels but also some other professions need everyday-training. At this point, quantity is more important than quality.

The entity which compose myself is not a 160 cm high body nor the complex of organic and inorganic substance with 70% of it made of water. What I wrote and what I said make up myself. Only after being aware of that, I started to continue writing and writing. A novelist is a kind of person more or less like that. If not writing, he or she is not living.

Then I have continued writing and now I am astonished how infertile my imagination ability is. After all, my imagination is too limited to keep writing. This is a big problem!

However, the true problem is about my maneuvering skill of my memory. Suppose my memory is a library in my brain, there are thousands of books in that library. Now what is needed is the ability to search a kind of information from that massive information. If I develop this searching ability, I can make a story from a single episode from my memory.

Is it that the past of mine is so infertile? No, it is my searching ability that is infertile. I have to learn to make use of this ability.