3 Things I Learned Sitting In A Van

I was in a van yesterday delivering goods with the manager of a nearby shop. This meant there was plenty of time to chat with him and absorb his knowledge.

I took some lessons from the day:

1) Don’t blow smoke up my ass

I gave him a weird compliment- ‘you’re a very clever man’.

‘Don’t blow smoke up my ass’ he said. ‘I’m a human being just like you and anyone else. I have faults. I’ve just been in the business for 30 years, that’s all.’

2) Set up the divorce terms of a relationship at the start.

Along the way life gets in the way and often breaks people up-the conditions for separation therefore must be decided beforehand.

3) Thank you instead of No Problem

‘Don’t say no problem to a customer. I didn’t know they had a problem in the first place.

Say your welcome. Always speak to them in positive instead of negative terms’.

I got a lot of value by just sitting in the car and listening. A good day overall.

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See you tomorrow,