Day #13: ‘Winners act like winners before they start winning. If you’re not acting like a winner today, you won’t be a winner tomorrow.’

I do door to door sales.

Every day I’m on the field from 3 until 9 pm.

And every day, without fail, hunger hits me between 6 to 7.30.

Even though I normally have food with me, the temptation to run away to the buy some more is always there.

In previous months when I had no lunch with me, I would run off to the shop and buy some sweets: Cadburies biscuits, Hunky Dory crisps or a pack of Oreos.

I would then eat the entire pack, lethargically go back to where I was and stumble through another hour of work.

In the moment, the emotional need for happiness is so strong.

You really wanna go. You really do.

The logical part of your brain is saying: ‘If you walk to that shop you will waste 30 minutes and won’t get your momentum back for the rest of the night.

But all the emotional side can think about is the reward at the end of the road. The taste of those sumptuous cookies.

Yes it is immediately gratifying, but afterwards you’re out of sorts for the rest of the night.

That’s not even an exaggeration. The difference between winning and losing in a performance based job is all about the little choices we make moment to moment.

For me, it’s that one tipping point that tells me whether or not I won that night.

You have to act like a winner before you become one.

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