My IKEA Experience

The suns rays were piling over Ballymun as I made the 26 minute walk from DCU Sports Centre to the Swedish business I had never seen before.

My goal? To buy an egg timer.

What struck me about it was….well, everything.

  • The playground (sooooo fun)
  • The free lockers
  • The restaurant
  • The fact that it was one big maze of items- 3 of which I instantaneously wanted to buy .

The store is set up to make you feel extremely comfortable in the shopping experience.

Heavy bags? Leave them in the lockers.

Hungry? Go have some food in the restaurant.

Kids annoying you? Stick them in the creche.

Why? so it is as easy as possible to go buy stuff.

A lot of shopping is based on impulse- this place is set up so you don’t think too much and just buy.

Fun fact of the day: IKEA prints more catalogues each year then the bible.

Well done IKEA. You really impressed me.

The photos above were taken from a Snapchat story I did of the entire experience. My username is TheThomasArnold if you want to see more cool stories :)

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