Google’s “Mobile-friendly Website” Update: More Controversial than Donald Trump

Before beginning this topic let me take you back in the past so that you can know the complete story behind what I am going to tell you all.

Google’s Official Mobile-friendly label

After testing the official mobile label, google has launched their official mobile-friendly label. The only major motive behind doing that was; they want to promote and create a new world. A world of mobile friendly websites where mobile is just fine for search results.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithms

After the successful launch of the label, what happen next is they launched their mobile friendly ranking algorithms. These algorithms are made in order to check that whether the website is a mobile-friendly website or not.

Mobile-friendly Website Vs Desktop-friendly Website

So now the base is strong, this is the right time to discuss whether the Google is taking a right step on not by creating a whole new mobile friendly world. Will these mobile friendly websites can create a market and help in the ranking?

Google: “If you have a mobile-friendly website only, it should also rank just fine in the desktop Google search results.”

This statement has stunned everyone present in the industry. I met many people and asked them do they also feel the same, can these mobile friendly websites provide better search results.

One guy said that “Google is talking nonsense, and he also disclosed the reason behind that; mobile sites can never optimize conversion for the sites”. And the other guy replied in a very judicious and subtle way by saying that, “If Google is focusing on user experience, then why would they allow a mobile only site to rank as normal in desktop SERPs?”

Impact of having or not having mobile friendly website on ranking

Now we are on the next part of this post, and I think that you are almost informed of the fact: what is a mobile friendly website and the views of some SEO masters and mine also. Here we will be addressing the impact of having or not having a mobile friendly website on ranking.

Having a website that is friendly in all the aspects, whether it is mobile devices, or desktop makes no impact on ranking. If you imagine that after making a website, you can rank high in search engine results, then my friend, you’re on a wrong track. There is no connection between both of them. Before jumping in other aspects, you should first try to reduce the bounce rate of your website and create a website that is not only a picture perfect one but also offer the user a great visiting experience. After doing so, you can put your step forward and test your site with the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool and enjoy.

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