Learn how to increase your business net in just 5 minutes flat with these LinkedIn tips.

Is your company in position to take advantage of the single largest business-to-business social platform online? If not, you could be losing out on up to 80% in B2B lead conversions.

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In this 5-minute read, you will get ten easy tips for making LinkedIn really pay off with your business.

It’s 6:04 AM.

Another day dawns across a savanna of new business opportunities.

It’s time to go hunting.

But unlike your competition, you’ve already made that first new business contact and jumpstarted the conversation, even before your first cup of coffee.

You’re LinkedIn.

These days, savvy business leaders understand the power of marketing on Facebook, yet surprisingly few have considered the true power of LinkedIn for growing their business.

Consider this.

No other business consortium, tradeshow or online resource offers you more exclusive opportunities to hunt for new leads or get your message in front of 400 million professionals like LinkedIn. It’s the single largest group of influential, affluent, educated individuals anywhere. Furthermore, 80% of B2B Leads now come from this social juggernaut.*

Whether you’re recruiting new talent, managing your business reputation, announcing a new product or service, or making a new sales contact, LinkedIn offers a series of robust features to help you accomplish your 
goals like:

• LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages

• LinkedIn SideShare

• Publishing

• Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Contact

• Group Associations

Each of these features offers you an incredible opportunity to strengthen and enhance your brand, recruit new talent, or even introduce yourself to new business prospects.

But in order to use these cool features effectively, you need to get a few things in place first, and here they are:

1) create a communication plan

2) delegate individual responsibilities for each of these tactics

3) coordinate and time your efforts

4) assign and define roles and responsibilities

LinkedIn Communication Editorial Calendar

This editorial calendar and the LinkedIn Business Resource Plan I will be sharing with you in as a free download later will get you off to a good start.

Just consider all the institutional knowledge you could share to give your business street cred. Links to your latest greatest Whitepaper, e-Books. Case Studies, Industrial Articles, How-to’s, New Product Launches, and even Service Reviews.

These are just a few of the many ideas. Each one will help you develop traffic to your website, introduce key sales people, build your professional and social reputation. And increase your lead generation results.

But to really be successful, remember to do this one thing…

POWER TIP: For each of your posts include a link!

Company updates that contain links have a 45% higher follower engagement and updates without links according to LinkedIn’s 
data report.

Where to start

Corporate Announcements: Use LinkedIn to announce and support your trade show or industry symposium efforts. New Hires. Community sponsorships. Anything that is newsworthy.

LinkedIn SlideShare: It offers business users a great opportunity to share company videos, hold and record webinar conferences, provide product announcements, offer tips, research findings, share company presentations and more.

Improve your SEO search ranking and Social Reputation: Be sure to tell your web department to link your slide share on LinkedIn to your website. This alone will up your game with quality inbound links and improve your companies SEO presence. With the right tags added on slide share and post, you will effectively boost your exposure and attract new customers who are seeking you out.

Sponsored Updates: Extend your reach on LinkedIn. Just like sponsored ads on Facebook, sponsoring your updates and InMail campaigns will help you gain critical mass in reaching target audiences well beyond the current following on your company page profile.

This tactic is great for recruiting, promoting tradeshow participation, announcing the latest new product or service or motivating key decision-makers with reasons to connect.

LinkedIn Groups: This feature allows you to share and gain peer information in your industry field while strengthening your leadership perception in the category. Use it to expand resources through joint ventures, limited partnerships or short-term staffing needs. It’s also a great sounding board for new ideas that allows you to remain at the forefront of industry trends, simply by sharing or commenting on, institutional knowledge and field posts. Consider contributing insights, observations or add your analysis on marketplace challenges discussed within the group.

Start increasing your business net with these tips. Unleash the raw power of your social relationships and network your way to greater business fortunes.

Let the hunt begin.

Download your free LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan and start mapping out your B2B conquest strategy today. SHOW ME THE PLAN

Give me the free LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan

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