How good is your elevator pitch?

Make that 60-second elevator ride with the CEO pay off…

Move over email — InMail is revolutionizing email for non-profit and B2B communication

by Tom Davidson

So you’re stuck on an elevator with a CEO or key decision maker you’d give anything to meet…

What would you do?

With InMail, that chance encounter has become a powerful reality.

If you haven’t explored it yet, LinkedIn sponsored InMail is a handy little feature that this mega B2B social media platform is offering business users.

It allows you to bypass the executive assistant, spam filters, the meeting scheduler and get 5 minutes with a key influencer.

Right here. Right now.

Linkedin’s InMail gives you direct access to the people you are dying to meet. The ones who could really affect your life and your business.

Think targeted Facebook ads when defining your audience on LinkedIn’s list audience tool and you’ll get some idea of what is possible through InMail.

The difference is you are targeting subgroups within the business community. With that in mind your message comes through mobile or your PC ‘s LinkedIn instant messaging tool in real-time.

Just think of the implications in sharing insights, endorsements and testimonials about your business or favorite charity, announcing an event, hosting a training program or even recruiting new board members.

Basic rules of email advertising apply, but the benefit of sending email messages to targeted LinkedIn users is huge.

Keep it professional

Avoid the spam mentality by striving to provide new insights and valuable, actionable information that LinkedIn users will really appreciate. Remember your social reputation is at stake.

Be respectful. Have a strategy and desired outcome:

Don’t squander brand reputation or social capital. LinkedIn’s InMail offers your readership built-in trust. People receiving your message already have a general sense that the content they receive through LinkedIn incorporates: Thought Leadership, Best Practice Insights, and Business or Professional value through a trusted networking experience.

Conclusion: InMail is positioned to reinvent email for Business. Are you ready to explore the power of this communication platform?

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In the world of B2B and even non-profit marketing you’ll find InMail will be a great resource for building your personal or corporate brand, expand your tribe and create trackable ROI.

I recommend starting off small with an A/B series of tests to see what resonates with your intended audience.

Basic things to keep in mind:

  • Keep copy under 1000 characters
  • Use a clear call to action with a 300 x 250 banner
  • Choose a sender that’s credible to your audience
  • Include member’s name in the greeting
  • Include body hyperlink early in the message
  • Select a concise subject line

For more tips on the anatomy of creating successful InMail campaigns, check out this free download: “Market To Who Matters” a sponsored InMail User Guide from LinkedIn.


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