Three Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in America

Babson Capital Management’s Thomas Finke manages an estimated asset value of $210 billion dollars. Aside from being the CEO and chairman of this company, Tom Finke also sits as the chairman of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, LLC and the director of Wood Creek Capital Management. In his leisure time, Thomas Finke enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing.

There are countless great fishing spots in America, but here are some of the best saltwater fishing destinations in the country:

Cape Cod, Massachusetts — Year-round flat seas make Cape Cod an ideal fishing spot, with migratory stripers, bluefin tuna, and swordfish filling its waters. Fishing is more productive between the months of May and September, as stripers and ocean lurkers become more active.

Outer Banks, North Carolina — Known as one of the country’s most fertile fishing grounds, the waters of the Outer Banks are a highway for red drum, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. The peak fishing season lasts from April through June.

Miami, Florida — The popular vacation spot is also famous for its mangroves and flats, which serves as a home for snappers, jacks, tarpons, and snooks. Miami’s tropical weather is conducive for year-round fishing activities.

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