Delusional Road — Short Story

It’s wonderful how we can lose ourselves in things we can not yet understand.

Well this is new. Waking up on a deserted-road, appearing to be far from civilization. It’s not like I am willing to go back, though. But I don’t recall going her, either. And it sure doesn’t seem familiar to me.

Wait what was that?

I heard something right behind me. It was probably nothing, I’ve just woken up after all. But where have I woken up? There’s this road, right beneath me. But.. where’s the rest? I can’t seem to find the sun and the horizon is a vague blur in my eyes.

Let’s think rationally. How did I get here in the first place? Yesterday, I, I uhm. What did I do yesterday? Was there a yesterday? Funny word, yesterday. Yes-ter-day.

Focus. What can I see? I see the road beneath me and the sky above me. I see a deserted landscape next to me and more road far away from me.

But then, there at the end of what I can see, my vision is bent in a dillusinal blur.

This road I am on, it’s never ending as far as I can see. Do I walk forward? Of course I walk forward, that’s how I walk. Idiot.

So I walk, and I walk. Time is passing while I walk, but my delusional vision stays the same. The weird thing about this place is that I can’t focus my vision on anything. The road, as I call it, has a grey colour, but no stones on it or cracks in it. Neither does it have any colour deviation, so it’s basically like a matte-grey carpet.

This desert-like place which is split up by this road, has the same weird look to it. I have not yet stepped on it, didn’t see any reason to do so. Everything around me feels undetailed, like I’m in a world where only the basics show.

But I am in the normal world right? It seems like it, since I am conscious and feel normal.

What. The. Fuck.

I have no shadow.

There’s no sun either, that explains that. Where has the sun gone? The temperature is too high for there to be no sun. Feels weird, to have no shadow on a ‘sunny’ day. I’m starting to question if this is real.

Can’t be, really.

I just keep on walking, it’s all I can do besides doing nothing. I’ve stepped off the road, and nothing happened. It feels different though, there’s nothing too weird about that.

My intuition tells me I need to stay on the road.

I’ve been walking for a while now. Vision remained the same. I feel a bit hopeless to be honest. I want to go home.

I’ve noticed something, the more I walk. The whiter everything becomes, like everything, the sky, the road, the desert. It is all slowly fading to become white. I feel the urge to run.

I’m scared.

Everything’s white now. Really white. Eye-blinding white.

I can’t feel my legs anymore. I’m paralyzed but keep on jogging.

This place, it’s not in our world or universe. It’s extraordinary. I haven’t encountered any forms of life up until this point and don’t think I will. This world, as I can call it. It’s submerging me, it’s sucking me in. I am alone but don’t feel lonely. I had never been here before but this feels familiar. I’m lost but know where to go.

Lost my thoughts. Ran too far.