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I can’t really see a way for the Cavaliers to get better, but I am convinced of two things: that they will make some sort of move and that LeBron James will be behind it with his tweets.

It’s kind of insane to think about the amount of control that he has over this entire franchise. This has to be unprecedented for a player, especially one who’s still in his prime. I don’t mean this as a criticism of anyone. I just mean that I’m constantly surprised — and really impressed — by how much power and influence James wields.

I like the breakdown of Cleveland’s current options, which do seem pretty slim at the moment. The buyout market will probably end up determining which direction they go in, which is pretty significant. I really can’t wait for the trade deadline to arrive, though.

The rationale for why they need another player is important, too. Will any player they can get make them substantially morel likely to beat Golden State? Probably not. Will he be the difference between making and missing the finals? Probably not. But adding another player could be a huge deal for making all of this easier. I like how this article explores this angle.

Great piece! Recommended.

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Here’s my publication

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