NBA Picks December 6 + League-wide Thoughts

I started the week well, correctly picking two games to start the week 2–0. I correctly predicted the outcome of the game that saw Klay Thompson score 60 points, so I think it’s fair to say that I saw that one coming (this is a joke, by the way). In a year where nobody was surprised by a 17–3 record, the Warriors finally did something that got everyone excited.

Tonight, there is one game on NBA TV (although I’m adding a League Pass choice, as well):

San Antonio at Minnesota: San Antonio

In a vacuum, I’d pick the Spurs every time. While everyone is salivating about a Clippers/Warriors series, the Spurs are actually the team in second place right now. Tonight, San Antonio is finishing a back-to-back on the road. However, even that handicap isn’t enough for me to choose the inconsistent Wolves over Gregg Popovich’s well-oiled machine. The Spurs haven’t lost a road game yet this season, and while this game is a risky choice, I like San Antonio here.

League Pass:

Chicago at Detroit: Detroit

I picked Detroit to beat Orlando in the Reggie Jackson Return Game, and they laid an egg. Tonight, though, against a Chicago team that finishing a back-to-back, I still like Detroit. The Pistons were a decent team without their best player, and now he’s back and ready to roll. I’m fully ready to admit that the Bulls are much better than I thought they would be, and it wouldn’t shock me if Chicago finds a way to win here. However, there are more reason to feel good about a Detroit pick, which is the way I’m going with this one.

League-wide Thoughts:

I’m fascinated by how much people just take some players’ greatness for granted. James Harden and Russell Westbrook are single-handedly propelling their teams into the playoff race, but many don’t seem surprised because this level of production is expected. This isn’t a shot at any NBA media or twitter personalities, just a note on how much expectations can blind us to greatness.

That’s a long segue into Klay’s 60-point game. The Warriors were already a very good team. They were 17–3 before last night. But because we’ve already seen this team start 24–0, we aren’t nearly as impressed. Thompson’s outburst was impressive, and I think it took every one of those points to remind everyone just how good of a player he is on a nightly basis. This is as much an observation of how I view basketball as anything else. Klay is great, but he gets drowned out by all the other talent on that team.