Primetime Picks December 7 + Baseball Reflections

My winning streak continues, as I’m now 4–0 for the week. There are some very interesting games tonight, as both the Cavaliers and Warriors play on ESPN (for what feels like the twentieth time this season). This is one of those nights when I really wish I lived closer to the West Coast. Clippers/Warriors is going to last well past my usual bedtime.

Tonight, on ESPN:

Golden State at L.A. Clippers: Clippers

This is it, this is the big one. Conventional wisdom says these are the two best teams in the West (even though San Antonio is sitting in second place right now). This game is hard to predict, so here is my rationale:

These two teams play four times. The Warriors are clearly the better team, but I think the Clippers are good enough to steal at least one of these games. If they do steal a game, it will probably be one in Los Angeles. So even though the Warriors are the (rightful) favorites, I can’t help feeling like Chris Paul and his team will get the win tonight.

This is a terribly risky pick. If Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, or Steph Curry has a fantastic game, it will be difficult for the Clippers to come even close. For any team — sadly enough — beating the Warriors means hoping that nobody shoots the lights out of your stadium. Still, though, I think the Clippers are good enough to take a game against Golden State, and the circumstances tonight are nearly perfect.

Cleveland at New York: Cleveland

J.R. Smith won’t be with the team tonight (even though his knee injury reportedly isn’t serious). On the road, against a suddenly-hot Knicks team, that could be a problem. However, I still think the Cavs will win tonight.

The Lebron-era Cavaliers are a wickedly confusing regular-season team. They go through stretches where they clearly don’t care (like their recent, three-game losing streak). These are often followed by some sort of reaction — like Lebron James saying “the honeymoon is over,” which is usually followed by some wins. They should still be solidly in the “wins” phase tonight. Ultimately, they have James, and that should be enough to beat the Knicks even without Smith. Cleveland wins.

Baseball Reflections:

This will be brief. I love the craziness around Major League Baseball right now. The free-agent crop is fairly weak, so that means trades are flying around left and right. Chris Sale is on the Red Sox now, Jose Quintana could be the next to go, and Yankees are trying their best to land a closer.

This is nothing new, since MLB trades and free agency often result in some craziness like this. Even teams that are choosing to rebuild, like the White Sox, can still be excited though. Their prospect stash, especially if they move Quintana, could be very enticing, indeed.

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