“The truth” about why Law of Attraction doesn’t work…for YOU

I believe in LoA, but I don’t think of it in the woo woo way lots of people relate to it.

I believe in it like I believe in gravity, a measurable phenomenon. What I offer you below is not really “the truth,” Ijust needed a catchy title. It is, however, my personal trust. This is my viewpoint on the matter after over a decade of reading, study and personal practice related to the subject.

What we call thoughts are actually "thought energy," electrical impulses firing and vibrating at a certain frequency, carrying data. This is well documented, and scientists have already managed to send thoughts from brain to brain, through the Internet (see link below).


As we experience life in each moment, our unconscious belief systems are shaping our thoughts…

These thoughts (thought energy) form based on our interpretation of ourselves, others and the world at large. That thought energy has a frequency at which it vibrates.

Certain frequencies are correlated to interpretations of things that don't "feel" good, so we relate to our experience of those thoughts (the frequency of that thought energy) as "negative." Other frequencies of thoughts (thought energy) are correlated to interpretations that do "feel" good, so we experience them as "positive." That's all subjective.

In reality, there’s no "positive thinking" or "negative thinking," there’s just thinking…

Those thoughts are vibrating at whatever frequency they’re vibrating. When we speak and take action, the thought energy in play there is "intention." When we are experiencing things as they are happening to, around and in us, others, and the world at large, the thought energy in play is "interpretation."

Our brain is both a receiver and an amplifier at the same time.

Think of INTENTS as the mechanism that powers the amplifier, and INTERPRETATION as the mechanism that powers the receiver.

Our unconscious belief system gives us the range of frequencies to which we are able to set our thought energy dial. No matter how many affirmations we do, or how much time we spend visualizing, praying or meditating, if that unconscious belief system does not have the frequency range you are setting your conscious affirmations and visualizations to and trying to AMPLIFY, what wishing for isn’t coming into your life.

The intent you’re operating at on an unconscious level drives your speaking and actions, and will only produce outcomes consistent with the frequency to which your unconscious beliefs dial is set. This is why people accidentally (but consistently) self-sabotage.

Conversely, our unconscious belief system is both created and reinforced by our interpretations, which live as the unconscious truths that we hold about ourselves, others, and the world at large. These unconscious beliefs give us our interpretations, which give us our conscious thoughts, words and FEELINGS about what is/isn't possible for us, and they occur to us like truth.

We take actions consistent with those unconscious beliefs, and true to the filtered lens we are looking through, we find evidence to support and reinforce those unconscious beliefs, whatever they may be. This is our receiver, and again, we cannot set that dial to RECEIVE and interpret things and people around ourselves, others and the world at large in a way that is outside of whatever our unconscious belief systems are.

The opportunity of our lives, consistent with all of our visualizations and affirmations could be right in front of us, but if our receiver literally doesn't have that frequency on the dial, we don't have the ears to hear it or the eyes to see it, so we don't experience that thing we're asking for coming into our lives.

When we go to work on learning the tools that allow us to access and program our UNCONSCIOUS belief system, as well as identify where our amplifier (intent) and receiver (interpretation) is set, on an unconscious level, we start to access the space people refer to as "thoughts, words, actions aligned," and then it FEELS like we're "attracting" these opportunities to us.

So from my perspective, I believe in what people think of as LoA, but not in the woo woo way that most people interpret it. Abundance is all around us, if we learn how to unlock our minds so that we can see and hear the people and opportunities that have been right in front of us the entire time.

Thomas started his entrepreneurial career selling luxury custom car accessories online from New York to California out of his dorm room at Tennessee State University, and never looked back. Over 15 years later, beard grayed from the trials of entrepreneurship, Thomas is an author, an emerging tech startup founder, a speaker, a Google Entrepreneur in Residence, and the creator of a global membership organization for Black and Latinx founders of emerging tech startups, whose members cover almost all 50 states, 4 countries, and have raised + generated over $415MM in their startups. Learn more about Thomas’ current projects at ThomasKRStovall.com.