I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I feel like I have valuable perspectives to offer the world. I’d been THINKING about creating a public Facebook page for Thomas K.R. Stovall the Entrepreneur and thought leader for a long time. Like a couple years. Because of a random, unexpected comment from a woman named Heather Levi, who I grew up with, but hadn’t talked to in years before she randomly reached out to me on Facebook one day, I finally did it…THAT DAY.

Long story short, give people their roses while they’re still around to smell them. They may need that comment from you to see themselves fully and step into their greatness, no matter how much you may assume they’ve already got it all together. You never know how a small, uplifting comment will impact the life of others, and countless others who they may then go and impact. If you think someone’s awesome…TELL THEM.

Moving forward, here is my conclusion on how I plan to use social media as it relates to my personal brand.

  • I’m going to be sharing more on this Medium blog, as well as on my Facebook page about entrepreneurship, running an enterprise technology start-up, mindfulness, and sparking conversations about living a life of choice, a life by design, that you can wake up to and LOVE, every single day
  • On my Instagram profile, every once in awhile, I’ll post a graphic of an e-book cover for a book I’m releasing, or to promote an upcoming speaking engagement, or program I might be launching
  • On my Twitter profile, I’ll mostly post links to new blogs I’ve published from my Medium account, and content that I post on my Facebook page
  • On my LinkedIn profile, I’ll post snippets of the blog posts that I publish here at my Medium account
  • For now, though I’ve finally learned how to use Snapchat, and am enjoying using it from time to time, I won’t be using my Snapchat profile for business at this time. It’s likely that when I grow my team, I’ll have a social media person create and manage a business Snapchat profile for me, and keep my personal profile just that, personal

I don’t know if reading about my journey in clarifying how I plan to use social media going for has been useful to you, or if you plan to subscribe and stay up to date on stories I post in the future,but I do know one thing…I finally got the courage to launch it because I know that if no one else cares, at least Heather Levi is looking forward to hearing my perspective. Thanks Heather. ;)

Thomas started his entrepreneurial career selling luxury custom car accessories online from New York to California out of his dorm room at Tennessee State University, and never looked back. Over 15 years later, beard grayed from the trials of entrepreneurship, Thomas is an author, an emerging tech startup founder, a speaker, a Google Entrepreneur in Residence, and the creator of a global membership organization for Black and Latinx founders of emerging tech startups, whose members cover almost all 50 states, 4 countries, and have raised + generated over $415MM in their startups. Learn more about Thomas’ current projects at

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