If your 2017 goal planning looks like this:

  • You’ve identified what goals you’re trying to accomplish in various areas of life
  • You’ve identified your specific weaknesses or habits that are and have been in the way of you achieving that/those goal(s)
  • You’re excited/inspired/motivated to have an effective year, full of progress, and your strategy for overcoming these deeply entrenched habits that have kept you from achieving those goals up to this point is “just doing better” or “just getting it done”

Excitement/inspiration/motivation won’t hold, they are not sufficient to get you there.

What’s predictable is that with no NEW structures or mechanisms to HOLD you to the NEW actions and NEW thinking that is necessary to have the NEW results, you will fall short…again. PREDICTABLE.

If you do nothing else, please go buy this book on Amazon or Audible, TODAY, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

This book tells you HOW to shift your habits, the exact blueprint. New actions, new outcomes. Same actions, same outcomes. #GoGet

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