Filter, Map, and Reduce

Just finished the next chapter in Functional Programming in R. This chapter covers the Filter, Map, and Reduce functions and the family of apply functions and a short introduction to the purrr package.

The chapters seem to be getting a little shorter here towards the end of the book, but there isn’t that much to say about these functions. I will think about it a little and see if I can add a little more, but I don’t feel like padding the chapter just to get its length up to the same size as the previous chapters.

I have thought about how to get the previous chapter a little longer. The continuation-passing-style is not that easy to get around mentally if you haven’t seen it before, so I think I will add another example to that section. I just need a good example to use. Will have to think about that.

Anyway, now that this chapter is drafted I will go back to working on Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Programming in R and get that edited so it is ready when teaching starts in two weeks.