That’s a bit of a bummer

My Data Science textbook had a very short life as teaching material. I wrote it to have material for when we change from a quarter to a semester structure next year — I already had lecture notes for one of two classes I teach on data science, but the plan was to merge the two classes and then have the same text book for both — but after lots of discussions on how to structure our modified Master’s in Bioinformatics program, this is no longer the plan.

The plan now is to merge four quarter classes into two semester classes. Data Science 1 and 2 merged with Learning from Genome Data 1 and 2. All four classes taught R and some basic statistics, just with emphasis on different aspects, so it makes a lot of sense to combine them. The two new classes will probably be named Data Science and Statistical Learning or something to that effect.

They will have more statistical theory than I have in my current data science classes but less R programming. The reason there will be less R programming is simply that in our Master’s program we get people with different backgrounds, typically either biological or computational, and in the “statistical column” where the two new classes will live we don’t want to expect a lot of programming experience. So no fancy functional or object oriented programming in these classes — that might go into another class in the “computational column”.

With everything changed, I can no longer just use the text book I just finished, so I guess it is time to get started on new material fitted to the new classes… At least they don’t start until next summer, so there is time enough to get it done.

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