Writing update

My writing is going slow the last couple of days. I actually had planned to write a bit in the weekend but then got side tracked by the units project so I only wrote about a thousand words. It was about the same today, but I did manage to get some proofreading done on the Data Science book at least.

I need to get the Data Science book ready for classes, which are now only two weeks away. At least I need the first eight chapters, the rest can technically speaking wait another seven weeks, but I would prefer to have the entire book edited before I hand it out to my students. So I will mostly be working on that this week and hopefully get it done by he weekend.

I just want to finish the current chapter in Functional Programming in R before I put it aside. It isn’t that hard to write but it is looking to be a little short compared to the previous chapters so I am thinking about what I could possibly add to it. I am drawing a blank right now, but maybe I will have an idea tomorrow.

I have imported the entire book isn’t Ulysses and it is nice to write there, but annoying to have to export every time I need to compile it. I don’t know if that could be automated. That would be another fun project if it is possible.