3 Cool Technologies that will change Your Riding Experience.

Believe it or not.For some people car is not simply a vehicle.They always want something more.Be it speed,transmission,design,technologies they always want something extra than what they have.We have tried to read minds of few such crazy guys and come up with a list of 5 technologies that would keep them occupied at least for some time.

  1. Augmented Reality Display

Augmented reality display uses your car windscreen to show you all the information that you need while driving.Forget about taking your eyes off the road and looking at your dashboard every time. Your windscreen is your new dashboard which will show your car speed,navigation as well as your incoming call details.Though there is already an HUDWAY for iphone,but it is still not perfect.

2.Communication Between Multiple Vehicles

According to Topseed Mercedes is planning to bring Car to Car technologies in the US.They have already provided Germany with this type technology for testing.How cool it would be to know to get traffic details,less congested road info from another car driver coming straight from his car,his location.This will be more helpful even for the large tucks to avoid head to head collision.Large trucks carrying a trailer generally has the less reaction time (even if they use powerful brake controller)in case another vehicle takes a quick turn from the blind spot.Now your vehicle can warn you about this.Think this as the Girl from the movie Final Destination who gets vision of things that are about to happen.

3.Self Healing Paint

The day it will be invented will bring smiles in the face of millions of car riders across the globe.Imagine you just bought your brand new car.The smell of the car paint is still there, but a stupid fellow couldn’t control his car in that tricky turning and result — you have a scratch in your car now.You are angry,you are frustrated.You don’t feel like going to the shop for painting because they will charge huge money for this.

Self healing paint might give you relief.Just a patch and it will remove the scratches from your car in few minutes and it will be brand new once again.