Everything You Need to Understand Blockchain

It took me a long time to sift through all the crap on the internet to find solid information on blockchain and how it can be applied to the real world.

So why not allow others to leverage the time and effort I’ve already expended?

See below for an ever-growing number of resources on blockchain. At the top, you’ll find information that’s relatively easy to digest. As you progress down the list however, the information becomes more sophisticated in nature and increasingly more complex and technical — though at the same time, it becomes more powerful and useful as well.

Without further ado, see below for the resources I’ve found along the way, laid out on a spectrum from “easy” to “hard”.

1. A blockchain explanation your parents could understand, Jamie Skella

2. Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained, Rodrigo Henrik, A great starting point. (video)

3. How Does the Blockchain Work for Dummies

4. How the Blockchain will Radically Transform the Economy, TED — Beginning to understand how this technology applies to the real world (video)

5. Fundamental Computer Science that is the foundation of Bitcoin / Blockchain, Jeremy Rubin, TEDx (video)

6. An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts: Bitcoin and the Blockchain

7. How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business, TED, Additional information on how blockchain will apply to business and finances. (video)

8. What Blockchain Means for the Sharing Economy, Harvard Business Review — Really cool article that explains a real-world use case for how blockchain will potentially be leveraged in 5–7 years.

9. A Guide to Understanding the Blockchain Ecosystem (Part 1), Skillshare: This is an okay online class. Relatively informational, but the guy leading it annoys me :)

10. How Ethereum Gas works

11. Explaining blockchain — How Proof of Work Enables Trustless Consensus, Hackernoon: This is definitely beginning to get more technical… as a pre-requisite for this article, readers should understand the basic concept of proof of work and how it is factored into the growth / use of the blockchain.

12 Multi-sig. (signature) wallets

13. A Crash Course on Ethereum Casper Protocol

14. Oracles: What are they and how do they generally work?

15. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, Princeton University, No comment — I haven’t taken this course yet, but considering the source it seems like it’s likely to be a good resource

16. Blockchain for Copyright (No comment)

17. If you Understand Hash Functions you’ll understand blockchain, Hash functions… now we’re getting into the weeds

18. CS 251: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, This is the real deal. You’re essentially sitting in on a sophisticated CS class at Stanford. It’s super interesting stuff, if you want to get into the weeds.

Additional resources

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Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps, Daniel Drescher (it’s a book)