Great Collectibles: Limoges Boxes

People are always on the move to collect many things — things that they value. Some of these items are meant for home d?cor, especially the interiors and the exterior. Famous items that homeowners for these purposes are Limoges miniatures, the figurines and trinket boxes. They extend the aesthetic value of your home. These collections are stylish, classy, priceless and timeless. You see, the little boxes and miniatures made from the glistening white clay porcelain also called the Kaolin and came with the meticulous hand paintings and other related artworks. They offer diverse, excellent sceneries and figures that add glamour to the collectibles as well as the home decor art pieces.

There are also more traditional designs that are dated back to 18th centuries. If you wish, you can always seek their exceptional and more contemporary styles. They can perfect your home is such a way that it will be more valuable and worthwhile to behold. Visit for some facts.

Some of these traditional designs include the dainty little boxes that were first made in the 1700s. They are soft paste Faience snuffboxes. They have no marks for identification and authentication. In fact, none had such marks at that time. Four well-established factories were involved in their production: the Chantilly (1725–1800), Mennecy (1734–73), Vincennes(1740–56) and the Saint Cloud(1677–1766). These pieces were purely hand painted, mostly, by local artisans. They were crafted with immense dexterity and care. Simply priceless.

Plenty of the conventional designs and varieties of limoges boxes are meant to reflect shapes such as the circular patterns, tall structures, and broad bases. You can use them to store little valuable stuff. The heart shaped porcelain boxes is famous when it comes to the most coveted gifts of love.

Then there are the egg-shaped boxes — quite fascinating. And the square Limoges boxes, the ones that enabled artists to develop and form designs with a lot of convenience and ease. All these Limoges boxes were crafted with dexterity and boasted of the handmade artwork. They are extremely attention-grabbing and graceful to behold.

Other Limoges Boxes

And today, you can get a huge plethora of great collectibles at with amazing figurines and scenes that are associated with humans, animals, religion, special occasions, culture and scores of the day-to-day activities. You can get various ranges of designs and shapes as well. However, you need to exercise some caution when it comes to choosing the design that you want. There are a lot of fake Limoges boxes that you can find on the market, and you need to look at the tell-tale marks for genuineness before you can buy them. Some of these marks include the inscriptions, the designer word written or etched at the bottom of the porcelain pieces that you want to buy.

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