Aperitif 11:30 PM. “It’s late, very late … I have to go back to my hotelroom immediately”, Thomas thought. From where Thomas stood, cars were passing by every second, stripes of red and white in the midst of darkness. A major square with at the center a giant Egyptian obelisk, Thomas had to make his way to the metro station in time. He packed his camera and gear in his bag and rushed passed the tourists, “I wonder if they know what infamous tragedy had happend here”. At the edge of the famous square was a magnificent park, and at this time of night, it had to be crowded with romantic couples. As if on que, one of these couples passed by, one of his arms around her shoulder, their lips touching as if in a furious fight. Once more, Thomas was reminded of how lonely he was, how miserable he felt, in the most romantic place on earth. He averted his eyes and kept walking towards the metro station, his thoughts overflowing with sentiment, his heart and sole craving for love and companionship. Unfortunately, love would never happen for someone like Thomas, at least he had convinced himself of that. Enveloped in an everlasting fight with his inner demons and the annihilation of his one and only “true” love still vivid in his memory. There is something special about Thomas.
[to be continued …]

Hi there! First of all, I must thank you for reading my posts, or does that sound too desperate(?), no I think you are a compassionate reader! Secondly, hi again, I’m Michael, but you can call me Mike, “Aperitif” is my first post, which is hopefully the start of a long journey through Thomas’s life and day-to-day life in general. Not only is Thomas’s story my story, it’s the story of many of you out there. The story of many boys and girls who maybe feel that there is something wrong with themselves, obviously not aware of the fact that they are so much more special and beautiful.

I will start every post with a passage from Thomas’s story and conclude with a brief observation, conclusion, or lesson from real life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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