Mafialand Instructions

Game Objective: Be the first player to completely take over three of the four Mafia stomping grounds in the city of San Chago or eliminate all of your opponents.

Number of Players: 2–4 (Note: players should be of age 18+ as this game contains adult content)

The Game Board: (AKA: Mafialand, AKA: San Chago)

In The Box: (A list of the essentials you will need to become a Mafia Boss)

  • Player Blocks (4)
  • Loot Bags (80)
  • Playing Cards (1 deck)
  • Six Sided Dice (4)
  • Game Board (1)

Setting Up: Each player will be dealt 6 cards from the freshly shuffled standard 52 card deck. Each player will also receive one Player block and 18 loot bags matching the color of their Player block. Deal 4 cards from the top of the deck and place one in each sector on the designated “Hard Knocks Casino” card holding areas.

Rules: (A step by step guide to taking out your competition and becoming a feared Mafia Boss)

  • Each player will place their player block in one of the four corners (Safe Zones) of the San Chago playing board, which are labeled North, East, South and West (N, E, S, W).
  • To start the game, the oldest player will roll two dice (always respect your elders in the city of San Chago) and will then move the number spaces that is equal to the number displayed on the combined dice. The player decides which direction to move the Player Block around the perimeter of the San Chago game board. (Note: the player can choose to head in the direction of their choice on each turn but can only move in one direction per turn). The game play will then rotate clockwise for each player’s turn.
  • After the player has moved their Player block, they will land in one of four crime infested Sectors of the city. If they player lands on a blank space and no other player has “Claimed Turf” in that sector of the city, then the player can choose to “Claim Turf” by placing a loot bag in one of the four designated loot houses (Grey Blocks) marked on the board.
  • If a player lands in a sector where Turf has already been claimed, they have one of two choices. (1) They can claim “No Beef” by saying out loud: “NO BEEF”. (2) They can go to war by placing a loot bag in one of the empty loot houses. If the player chooses to go to war then each of the two players competing for the Turf will select one card from the 6 cards they were dealt. Each player then reveals there card and the high card holder will execute his enemy sending the Player Block back to the Safe Zone where they started and stealing the loot bag along with the claim on the loot house in the process. If a player has multiple loot houses in one sector, they can loose them all in one war.
  • Kings are high in San Chago. (A,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K)
  • If the player does not want to go to war but forgets to say “No Beef”, the player that holds turf in that sector can initiate war by saying “MY TURF BITCH”. The losing player will hand over one loot bag, regardless of if they placed it in a loot house or not and the winning player can place that loot bag in one of the empty loot houses.
  • Note: when stealing another player’s loot bag, be sure to swap it out at with money launderer for a lootbag matching the color of your own Mafia family.
  • In the event of a tie during war, both players will roll one die and the high number will win. If it is still a tie after that, then both players lose the turf and must return to the their starting Safe Zone, however they can take their loot with them.
  • There are also two spaces in each Sector that will be labeled with an “H”, which stands for “HARD KNOCKS CASINO”. If a player lands on one of these spaces, they must Gamble by selecting a card of their choice from their own hand, which they will play against the face down card in that sector. The player can choose to gamble one, two or three loot bags from their own stash (Note: the loot bags can not be in play holding down loot houses). If the player wins they will take the number of loot bags that they gambled from the Hard Knocks Casino Bank, however if the player loses they will not only lose their loot bag(s), they will be forced back to their starting Safe Zone. (Note: draw a card from the top of the deck to replace the used card from that sector)
  • If a Player secures all four Loot Houses in one sector, then that Sector is LOCKED and cannot be taken over. The player who owns that sector will also charge any player one loot bag for landing on any space in that zone except for Safe Zone and Hard Knock spaces.
  • If a player uses all six cards they were dealt, then they will draw six more cards off the top of the deck. All used playing cards should be placed in a pile and reshuffled in the case that all cards are used.
  • If a player loses all of their loot bags, then they are eliminated from the game.
  • Players can Win the game and become the ultimate Mafia boss of San Chago by LOCKING DOWN three sectors in the city or by eliminating all other players from the game.

Wild Cards: (This rule is optional) If the players agree, the Joker cards can be shuffled in the deck. If a player possesses a Joker in their hand they can play it as backup right after losing a war. This will give the player playing the Joker card the automatic win including the opponent’s loot, loot house and sending the opponent back to their starting Safe Zone.

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