Some examples of my writing.

From Norwegian glass to washing machines…

Fisheye by Camilla Prytz

I translated and reworded many sections of Magnor Glassverk’s most recent catalogue, including some stuff about polar bears (page 8– 9) as well as the pages titled Gemini (page 50- 51) and Fisheye (page 88- 89).

I wrote the copy for each section of this website for a construction company based in London.

Here’s some literature on embroidered T-shirts.

Moston Lane Appliances employ my services to, among other things, reassure prospective customers that their washing machines aren’t sentient.

Occasionally I assume an alter ego to write a satirical blog or two, so if you need something funny, that can be arranged:

Please get in contact at t.w.hall23@gmail.com if you have any questions.