8 Reasons to Bootstrap Your Startup in Slovenia
Heidi Pun

There’s a lot of nightlife in Ljubljana throughout whole week, you just need to find the right places. Of course there are way more people out on weekends but still it’s far from “no nightlife”. We like to party. A lot.

You got that info on gay rights a little wrong. Gay marriage is legal and gay couple can live with a child. It’s just that the law calls marriage a community between man and a woman and not between two persons. So basically the only rights gays don’t have in Slovenia are the right to maternity leave at work and one gay partner receiving a pension of the other deceased partner.

Last but not least — who the hell needs Netflix and other useless TV crap with poor selection of movies and series when torrents are completely legal here? Also you have Apple music thats way better than Spotify. And if you don’t agree, you can still use Spotify with a simple app called TunnelBear.

Amazon Prime is only available in 7 countries besides the US so it’s not a surprise that Slovenia is not on that list.

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