Should women wait for the end of racism before they demand the end of misogyny and sexism?
David Streever

Black men control no resources, power or influence to perpetrate any form of sexism (rappers are hired and funded by white males). As 30% of the civilian population and 75% of the prison population all violence and rape against women is met with swift action from the “justice” system. There is no uproar when Stephan Collins ADMITS to raping young girls. But there is when Bill Cosby is ACCUSED. Why you ask? Plain and simple. Feminism, from inception, is branch of white supremacy.

Black women are the most susceptible to violence in America. But people (you in particular) only come to their defense when black men are the culprit. No one said anything when all those black women were being raped in Oklahoma by that police officer (who got away with it). Even Gloria Allred chose a to take the side of the white supremacist woman in McKinney, Tx over the young black girl who was beaten by her and the police.

I see right through your fake concern and that’s why I spoke up then and will continue despite the personal attacks.